From prototypes to larger series

Solid or bimetallic rivets

Any contact rivet shape

Any non ferrous material

Capacity over 100 million rivets


Forming solid or bimetal rivets by cold bonding

Dimensions :

  • Head diameter from 1,2 to 8 mm
  • Head hight from 0,15 to 2 mm
  • Shank length: from 0,80 to 5 mm
  • Shank diameter: 0,80 to 3,5 mm



For prototypes and larger quantities, Elba Rielka can offer flexibility to ensure the most economical production route whilst maintaining the highest quality.

You can depend on our know-how and experience to produce simple and complex parts or assemblies


Our competences

Insert riveting

  • Manual or semi-automatic inserting
  • Single or double contact

Induction brazing and spot welding


For your complete parts, Contact + Support + Assembly + Surface treatment, visit our plant, experience our skills and take advantage of our ‘ecosystem’ of industrial partners that have the same requirements for excellence, reliability and flexibility

We supply complex contact asssemblies :

  • Contacted parts by inserting, brazing or welding, with surface treatment
  • Parts stamped out of solid or bimetallic strips (inlay, top-lay and edge-lay)
  • Flat, radiused tips, with or without braze alloy backings.
  • Supply of wire, strips and profiles for your own production
  • Trading of wires and profiles in small quantities


We have a wide range of contact materials to offer and we can advise you based on our experience and with the help of our partner laboratories and developers.