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Millions Euro in business in 2021

A production site in Aulnay sous Bois


The ELBA and RIELKA companies are historical manufacturer and supplier of electrical contacts and electrical contact assemblies for the electrotechnical industry.

Our contacts and contact assemblies can be found in many products : circuit breakers in the home, railway signalling, in the cockpit of a plane, under the airbag of a car, in the launching pad of the Ariane rocket, etc…

We have 65 years of experience manufacturing high quality products predominantly for the automotive, rail, aerospace, domestic appliance and low voltage switchgear industries


ELBA was created in 1949 to import electrical components for the post-war reconstruction in France.

RIELKA was created in 1957 to produce and assemble contact rivets in France.

The two companies have developed to complement their network of industry partners and expertise in the electrotechnical industry.

Louis Hardy and George Hardy, built and structured ELBA and Rielka.

Anne-Laure Hardy bought the group in 2012 with the objective to perpetuate the acquired skills and to find a unique positioning in a market that is both demanding and competitive.

In 2013 we moved to a purpose built site at Aulnay sous Bois in 2013. This marked the beginning of a new era of development that allows us to respond more efficiently to the specific requirements of our customers.

In 2021, the group is relying on its know-how and quality management to develop the business towards more complex assemblies and turned parts for the aeronautic and railway industries



from 1963 to 1989


George HARDY

from 1989 to 2012


Anne-Laure HARDY

since 2012


The management of Elba-Rielka applies the principles of Iso 26000

We commit to :

Taking care of our environment

Responsible cleaning or recycling of air, water, production scrap and other waste

Taking care of our employees

Ergonomic design of the processes and workstations, safety. Affiliate program for employees, regular training. Encouragement of innovation and empowerment

Being selective in choosing our partners

Building projects on strict criteria of quality, service and proximity. Sharing same values of ethics and transparency .